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2018 Jun 21 By answer 0 comment

FINALLY. I have been working on this off and on for a month now. One of my goals this year was to get back into doing illustration regularly, but it has been a challenge. I do a lot as it is, so I have had to learn how to manage my time better. Drawing is one of the few things I can do at work during downtime and on the trains (I have been trying hard to get into this habit). I have done a few small things since January but I wanted to finish something serious to get it started.

LR-00012, Field Recon Rabbit.

This is based of a sketch I did back in college of a rabbit with some metal parts and a folding sound dish for an ear. (I really wish I could find this. It’s most likely somewhere in storage in America.) The initial sketch took a bit longer than I would have liked, as I had a hard time getting a pose I liked. The only things that I somewhat traced over were the USB port and the chain link. Part of the background (the tower) is from a photo I took. The clouds were a mess of trying to copy a photo, but with contrast they looked alright.

I love screen tones.  I have wanted to do stuff in comic tone forever. I have been collecting them as I see them and the ones I ended up using I don’t remember where I got them from. I’ll do other stuff without it but for awhile I want to play with various tones because I thing it will compliment my ideas.

I may do a 3D version of this bunny. 3D stuff is coming later. Besides more videos and illustration, something else has to come next… more on that soon.

Until then, you can find my bunny here:


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