Focus and Light Test #1
2017 Feb 11 By answer 2 comment

In one of many, I set up a quick lighting and focus test on my anamorphic rig. I have been shooting a lot with it, but there are still some things that I need to work out. The biggest issues are the flares and the focus. For awhile I have been shooting just on my 45-175mm zoom at f/4.0 because I wanted to be ready to shoot at a moments notice with few issues. But I want more bokeh for certain shots and the right kind of flares for others.

The 42.5mm, as I have said before, is the absolute bare minimum you can use on the Elmoscope. Vignetting really bothers me and it is really noticeable when using the OIS on the lens, as the vignette moves with the internals. These were shot with the OIS off as you could still see the movement even with a slider. Really frustrating. I wish I had a camera with IBIS so I could see if it had a better effect.

Overall… I’m not sure I am happy with the flares on these. Occasionally the flares from this rig look perfect. But some of these just look weird to me. I may have to switch it up with the Isco Ultra Star and see if I like that better. I have certain looks and certain feelings I want to convey. That, and the fact that these lenses react so drastically different in certain lights makes me feel I have a lot more to learn. Therefore, more tests.

2 thoughts on “Focus and Light Test #1

  1. Hi Jsd,
    I am very new to anamorphic world. Recently I picked up Elmoscope II since I saw great videos on net and one of them is yours. Could you pls tell me where is focus ring on Elmoscope since all rings are screwed. Do I need to unscrews it to focus? M lost pls let me know. Thanks!

    1. Hi Tenwang,

      Well, the focus ring takes up most of the upper part of the lens. If you grip the bottom thread mount and turn the top, it should turn. It will also move up and down. If it will not move, It might be locked somehow. I do not remember if it has a focus lock screw. Al the ones on mine currently are pretty tight and it still moves.

      Hope that helps!

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